A Better Website Support Plan

A Better Website Support Plan

Do you want to increase your website user engagement and save money on your updates?

Having a website support plan secures your website and helps grow your business.

Website security

Protect your brand and your online investment

All websites are vulnerable to hackers who use your website as a space to host and sell their content. It’s not uncommon to find pornography being hosted on websites that have been hacked because those websites have not had their security updated. Updating your website is a basic requirement if you are to protect your web presence. When you are on a website support plan, your website is scheduled to be updated every month and it happens without fail.

Daily back ups as well as weekly cloud based back ups. You can’t get any safer when we use two independent systems. That’s the Redfox way.

Save 30% on updates

By committing to regular updates we provide a discounted hourly rate of up to 30%

You also enjoy the advantage of group updates and improvements. When we add new features for a client, we can apply the same changes to your site in less time. You gain.

Your regular security and software updates are done in batches during our allocated update schedule. Doing it this way is much faster as we can catch any common problems as they arise and apply the same fix.We save time which means less hours from your allotted time.

Grow your web presence

Use our skills to improve the effectiveness of your site.

We will spend up to 3 hours a month (Grow Support Plan) of website edits to maintain a vibrant web presence. Because you are committed to growing your business, we will guide you and help make changes to improve your website. We help to keep your brand looking fresh, up to date and relevant.

By doing regular maintenance, your customers feel that you are actively present in your business. It’s like your customers walking into a physical store and feeling that the store keeper is enthusiastic and passionate about the product because the display has been rearranged and improved, new information is provided about new stock and there is a general feeling of organisation and celebration.

Your website is the face of your brand. You can’t afford for it to go stale. Are you updating it regularly to keep it fresh and relevant to your customers? The Grow package will maintain your client interest, increase your client base and make sure that your website health is taken care of.

Save time and organisation

We’ll do the thinking with you as well as for you.

With a Grow support plan, you not need to contact us to do your updates, so that there’s no burden of organisation and no wasted time, and you’ll be getting help to manage your website for growth opportunities, such as building webpages to create more conversion.

Most business owners now understand that having a website built is just a start. To get more sales, you need to monitor and improve customer engagement. We can build you landing pages to better capture your target market. We can also build easy to use marketing tools to help you build your mailing lists. In short, we’ll spend time working out what’s next to get you a more engaging website. It’s like having a fairy godmother, if you ask me.

Choose your Website Support Plan


Keep your site running smoothly
$ 49 Monthly
  • Security Monitoring
  • Daily Backups
  • Monthly WordPress Updates
  • BONUS 2hrs/yr FREE Website Edits


Security and essential website changes
$ 99 Monthly
  • Everything on the basic plan plus ...
  • Weekly Cloud Based Backups
  • 24hr Uptime Monitoring
  • Up to 1hr/month Website Edits


Build your business with consistent website improvements
$ 199 Monthly
  • Everything on the basic plan plus ...
  • Weekly Cloud Based Backups
  • 24hr Uptime Monitoring
  • Up to 3hr/month Website Edits
  • Google analytics / web report

Do you have a question about which support plan to choose?

Give Darryn a call now.

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