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Do you need a logo?

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In our media savvy times, marketing is paramount. So what role does a logo play in marketing a business product /service? What is a logo and why do I need a logo? What are the characteristics of a logo that makes it such an important marketing tool and who do I go to to get my business logo created?

What is a logo?

A logo is the  visual identity of your business. A logo is a small graphic with a powerful message which communicates the nature of your business.

A logo can brand a business as luxury high end or value for money. It can communicate to the public what you are selling. It can also describe your product or service - eg. are you a fast courier, a reliable mechanic, a stylish hairdresser?

Why do you need a logo?

Your logo speaks for you. It is your product/service ambassador. Having  a logo that speaks correctly for you is akin to hiring an experienced and passionate sales rep. Any marketing specialist will tell you branding is important. Having a clear and communicative logo can speak to your prospective clients because a picture can tell a thousand words.  It is  crucial to invest in a logo which speaks for you.

  1. Trust - Having a good logo can communicate that your business is established and that your product or service is trustworthy. First impressions last and the successful logo will position your product or service in people's minds so that before using your product or service they already feel a sense of trust and that the product is of high quality or that they are getting value for money.
  2. Memorable - A strong and clear logo will make your business stand out from your competitors and be more memorable. We are a visual society, so being able to remember a logo reminds people to buy from you.
  3. Communicate - your logo speaks for you. People form an impression of your style of service and the quality of your product through your logo. A logo with strong masculine lines  tells people that you sell reliable powertools eg Black and Decker. A logo with soft flowing lines communicates relaxing downtime eg Coca Cola.
  4. Align your business to a target market -  your logo can be a very powerful campaign if its look and feel matches the style and tast of your target market. A retirement village logo may use a beautiful established tree and a type script where as a night club logo may use a lot of bling and a racy font.
  5. As a graphic presentation of your business, a logo can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. By looking at your logo, people will not only know what you are selling, but also the level of service, quality, or value that they can expect.

Characteristics of a logo

A logo that communicates successfully will do the following:

  1. Relationship - an effective logo should appeal to the target market as a product /service that  fulfils their needs and desires. As such it should evoke  a positive relationship between the product and the client.
  2. Communicate what and how - by presenting in graphic form a suggestion of what you are selling and the nature of your product / service. This often means communicating a mood or feeling to suggest what the client can expect from your product / service.
  3. Timeless - good logos will stand the fickle nature of fashion and look pleasing to the eye for many years to come.
  4. Adaptable - logos need to be look effective on different backgrounds; web format as well as print format. They also need to work well on a range of products as signage and billboards as well as letterheads and business cards.

Who creates logos?

Usually a graphic designer or a branding specialist will design your logo. If you prefer a one stop shop, your web designer may assist you in the process as well as they would usually have a designer that they already work with. This is often a preferable way to go because the look and feel of your website needs to match your logo. So by allowing your web designer to work with the graphic designer to come up with your logo, you will get a more continuous look across your print and web interfaces.

A professionally designed logo should set the visual identity that attracts your target market and set you apart from your competitors, allowing your clients to recognise your products / services.

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