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FAQ - Setting up a Website

Things that are handy to know when investing in a website for your business.

FAQ - Getting your Website Designed

Getting a website designed can be a difficult process if you are uninitiated. However with a bit of background you will be able to navigate your way through the process with a minimum of fuss.

FAQ - hosting

FAQ - Web Design Procedure

Questions about the web design process once you have committed to having a website built.

FAQ - Managing your Website

A website is a living breathing thing that needs to be maintained. Those that let their websites go stale do so at a cost to their business. Successful websites need content updated, structure changes, marketing and analysis to keep them growing and improving.

FAQ - websites

How much does a website cost?

There are five basic costs.

  1. domain name registration
  2. web hosting
  3. web design and development
  4. maintenance
Domain Name Registration

You must register a domain name for your business. The name must comply with certain rules. It will cost around $70 to register a "" name for two years.

A well-chosen domain name can help customer recognition and increase traffic. It is increasingly more difficult to acquire a catchy domain name so a little imagination is required and certain restrictions on names apply, particularly to the "" domains. Redfox can register a domain name for you.

Web Hosting

Most small business website hosting requirements fit into the $255 to $395 per year price bracket depending on the size and technology required for your site.

Web Design and Development

Read more about website design costs in our article
"How much does a basic website cost?"

Websites vary considerably in size and complexity and so does the time and therefore cost to build them. In a nutshell, you are paying for the time involved in building the site and the level of expertise required to make it work. Most of the websites we design cost between $2500 and $9500 for a custom website and most of these use a content management system to make the sites work as required.

If you are after a simple website, let us know your requirements and we will give you some options that will get your business online quickly and on budget. Some websites can be built for as little as $1250 with professionally-built web pages designed to convert website traffic to sales.

We also have basic entry level website products that can get your business online for as little as $295 + hosting fees

If you would like a web design quotation, you can call us on 0403 196 225 to discuss your project.

Options to achieve your site objectives are discussed in our initial consultation so you can choose the most cost effective method to suit your business. We give a fixed quote with clear design objectives agreed upon at the beginning of the project.


The Internet is a dynamic environment and stale web sites just get passed over. Your site needs to change regularly to keep visitors coming back. Two options are:

  1. We build a database driven site where you can edit your own content.
  2. Our experts perform any changes based on an hourly rate.

What is a Domain Name?

Your domain name is an address where Internet users can find you on the web. An example is

You should have a unique domain name for your website. There are certain rules in place regarding what names you can register particularly if you want a "" name. Redfox can register your domain name or you can search for domain names and buy online.

What is Web Hosting?

All the files for your website are kept on one or more computers called web servers The server computer is said to be a host for your site. In other words, they look after your site and ensure it is available 24/7.

The web hosting requirements for any site vary according to the technology used to create it. The standard of the service can vary greatly from one company to the next. The speed and reliability of service are crucial as is the level of customer support provided.

Redfox will assist you in choosing a suitable web hosting service that suits the needs of your business. View our web hosting packages.

What steps are involved in the web design process?


Free initial consultation - We have an initial meeting to determine the purpose of your website and gather information on your target audience. We will discuss your ideas on the appearance of the site as well as the functionality you expect it to provide. We explain the technologies involved in the more complex designs using plain language and offer pricing on the variations we discuss. Other issues such as site structure can be decided and a potential site map drawn up.


We provide you with a written quote - Based on our initial meeting we offer you a web design proposal.


Collate website content - Content such as text and images is collated and the need for either modification or extra content is discussed. The content is arranged in a way that will allow users of your site to quickly find what they are looking for and allow high priority functions of your site to operate smoothly. The site map could be adjusted at this stage and ideas are suggested to improve delivery of the content.

Domain Name and Website Hosting - Domain names are decided and registered. Appropriate hosting services are purchased.

Design and Development

Design Mock - A draft design (look and feel) and/or page samples are prepared for your approval.

Database Design (if required) - The database that holds your website content is custom designed to fit the functions of the website.

Production - All resources required for the project are collected or produced.

Ongoing Consultation - We design and develop your site with ongoing consultation and testing.


Site goes live - After your approval the site goes online with your choice of web hosting partner.


Fine Tuning - We monitor the traffic to your site so we can make suggestions for improvement in either holding the web users attention or increasing the number of visitors to the most important pages.

What do I need to supply to get my website built?

Because you know your business and market best, your input is valuable to designing an effective website.

It will save you time and money if you have any of the following items:

  • text content
  • company logos or letterhead in original format from graphic designers
  • quality photographs or images
  • previous print branding material

If your business does not have the time or the resources, we can take care of all the content. This can include copy content, original photography, logo design and branding.