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Designed for results

Your website not only needs traffic but it needs to convert that traffic into sales or enquiries. How is this done – through good design. Well planned websites come through collaboration between the business expert (you) and the website experts (us).

We listen to your requirements and build a website that will meet your business needs and fit your budget. We are big on attention to detail and it’s the level of detail that makes a great website.

Web Design Gold Coast

Simple to administer

Website administration that is a simple as filling in the boxes.

There are two main benefits to having a high quality content management system. One is a much more professional look to the pages of your site that you edit. The other is a huge saving in time spent in making changes to your site. Both of these equate to greater earnings potential.

Redfox Web Design will build a content management sytem tailored to your needs. We guarantee it will be simple to use and produce professionally formatted pages.

Reliable partners

Redfox Web Design has been serving Gold Coast businesses for over 18 years. Some of our clients have gone on to be the best and biggest in their field and are happy to acknowledge our role in that.

We are a small business and have low overheads compared to some of the bigger agencies on the Gold Coast and this means we can be price competitive. It also means you deal with one person from start to finish which ensure clear communication.  We are IT nerds but we hide it well. So we will keep the jargon to a minimum.


Helping Gold Coast Businesses for 18 years

Gold Coast Web Design Specialist

Gold Coast Web Design Services

All of our web design work is carried out here on the Gold Coast. We do not outsource any work overseas as we believe better results are obtained by understanding local business conditions and more importantly having clear communication in understanding your requirements and expectations of your website

Our Gold Coast Web Design team will produce a website that gets results for your local business.

Gold Coast SEO Expertise

You can benefit from our experience of working with Gold Coast businesses over the past 18 years. You probably know that local or geographic searching is central to the success of your business. We have delivered results through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for many of our Gold Coast based clients.

Your website needs to rank well on Google when people search for your business using the phrase “Gold Coast”. We can help.

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