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Redfox consists of smart people with a wealth of experience in websit design and internet marketing. We have a small web design studio located on the Northern Rivers of NSW and pride ourselves on being friendly, professional and enthusiastic for new projects.

We have over 12 years experience in managing and building websites with our focus on custom web design. Gold Coast and Northern Rivers businesses have relied on us for increasing sales and enquiry through well planned and skillfully crafted websites.

To keep things simple, we have you covered with a full service setup that includes domain names, web hosting, website design and after build services such as search engine optimisation and social media setups.

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Crafted with Care:

Custom Website Design

If you want your website to stand out from the competition, load fast, be easy to navigate and simple to administer, you are in the right place.

Our experience enables us to offer you a well planned website that provides excellent usability for your users and ease of maintainence for you the owner.

Your clients need to access the information they want quickly. This is achieved through clever design. Our web design team will help you create a website that is a functional and powerful business tool.

To save you money on time spent administering your site, we will customise a simple to use content management system that makes updating and managing your site easy.

Our Web Design Process

Latest Technology:

Mobile Websites

Mobile internet usage has doubled in the last year with more than half Australians using mobile internet even when they have access to computers. This trend is here to stay and impossible to ignore.

How does your website look on a mobile device such as an ipad or phone? Are you giving your clients a chance to turn away from your business and find another that provides a usable experience on their mobile device?

We can build you a website that responds to the users device and delivers an optimised website to suit - whether it be computer, ipad or mobile phone.

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Featured Articles

How much does a website cost?

In a previous article 'how much does a basic website cost' I talked about a typical entry level small business website consisting of 3-6 pages. Most websites (we build at Redfox) are larger and more complicated than that and require more time and additional skills to build them. It is handy to know what things you should think about when planning your website and how this can help you when you brief your potential web designer.

How much does a basic website cost?

The most common question we get is "how much will it cost for you to built us a web site?". I've been answering that question for 10 years now. Hopefully I can help you.

Why you should choose Redfox Web Design

The websites we develop are free of clutter and attractive, while being simple to use and clear in purpose. This doesn't happen by accident. Our staff work closely together throughout the web design process to ensure a polished final product.

If you want a professional looking website design, you need high quality layout and images. Our staff use their extensive graphic design skills and knowledge of web site usability to deliver a look and feel that will improve your return on investment.

Our sites are designed to be search engine friendly from the ground up, to maximise your search engine ranking. We know how to generate traffic to your site which means a greater return on your investment.

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Northern Rivers Web Design

We live and play on the beautiful Northern Rivers NSW. Most of our clients are based on the Gold Coast or Northern Rivers but we also have many clients we work with remotely from all parts of Australia.

If you happen to be located in the region we always welcome an initial consultation (free) in our office before we start your web design project. If you are not able to get to our office in person that's OK too, as our design process is set up so we can take care of your project remotely.

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