About Redfox Web Design

We design and develop websites that look good, load fast, and are easy to use.

Who we’ve worked with

What to expect

We realised a long time ago that building a successful website requires great listening skills, a keen eye for design, impressive technical skills and a dash of marketing know how.

We don’t just churn out websites around here. We learn about your business and build a website that functions exactly how you expect and provides an invaluable tool for your business.


Learn about your business

We listen to you, and we listen well, so we can learn about your business, your customers, your potential audience for this website. 


Organise your content

We review your existing content and determine a strategy for content writing that suits your budget.

We discuss how to present it on your website to get the best results.


Design your website

This is where we create the ‘look and feel’ of your website. Marketing tools including ‘calls to action’ , forms and ‘pop ups’ are designed.



We build your website and show you progress along the way. 



Your website goes live. The first part is done. Now on with the marketing to drive some traffic.


Analyse and improve

Ongoing support is offered which includes maintenance, analysis and strategy consultation based on ongoing use of your website.